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saver_of_worlds's Journal

Emily Tyler
27 May
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My name is Emily Tyler and I was born on the 27st of May 2007, I am 19 years old and this is the story of my life.

For me, the year is 2027 and so many things have happened in the 19 years of my life. My father died when I was 12, killed for trying to do the right thing. You see, he used to run this place called Torchwood London, now my big sister Rose is in charge, along with Uncle Mickey and Uncle Jake. *Laughs* They hate it when I call them that, they say it makes them feel old, but they are, Rose is almost 40 and Uncle Mickey is almost 45, they both still look good for their ages. Uncle Mickey and Uncle Jake live together, they have been a couple for as long as I can remember. Rose, she lives with Mum and I still, works hard does what she does best, she helps people and makes sure the world stays safe.

There has never been anyone in Rose’s life, well, no-one that sticks around, she’s had guys, but when you’re running off and trying to save the world from aliens and the like, people tend to either freak out or give up. See, for Rose, keeping people safe is important, and yeah, she’s happy. Even if she talks about that guy all the time still, some Doctor she hooked up with. It’s a really long story.

So yeah, me, I’m supposed to be telling you about me right. Well, I followed in the family footsteps, I work for Torchwood London, field agent and I even get to run my own team. A lot of the guys think it because I’m the boss’s sister, but I can out shoot, out run and out alien knowledge them any time. Let’s says I had good teachers, that and the info was pretty much pushed onto me from the moment I could walk and talk. They just wanted to keep me safe.

Mum hated it, she wanted me to have a normal life, but this, I love this life. Sure, it’s always dangerous and you never know what could happen next, but that it what is so good about it, no boring desk job, no wasting your life away. I’m saving lives, I’m helping people, I’m keeping the world safe, and there is nothing unimportant about that. I’ve helped stop so many bad things happened, I can’t even start to say how many, but that isn’t what we are about. We are the unsung hero’s, those who don’t get thanks; we do what we do because we should, because we want to.

Things are a little hard at the moment, there is a time rift that has become all the more unstable, and myself, with a couple of others are helping them try and stabilize it, if the rift opens, we could have hell on Earth.

Original Character Disclaimer

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