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Ten things about my family

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Jul. 29th, 2007 | 01:25 pm
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1.My mom is the same mom who is Rose’s mom, Rose is my sister, but my dad isn’t the same as Rose’s dad, and yet he is. It’s complex.

2.My mom, Rose and Uncle Mickey, that’s Rose’s best friend, they are from an alternative version of Earth, one where there are no zeppelins in the sky, my father is rich and there is no Doctor.

3.My dad’s first wife was called Jackie Tyler too; she was this world’s version of my mom. His first wife was killed when the Cybermen started taking people and upgrading them.

4.I think Rose wishes they would have taken the dog too, we used to have a dog called Rose when I was a child, the other Jackie, not mom, and my dad didn’t have a daughter called Rose, they had a dog instead.

5.Dad is a really important person in the country, before he started working for Torchwood he would hold parties in which the President of the country would attend. Now, he’s even more important but a lot of people don’t know that.

6.Uncle Mickey is my god father, and his partner, Jake Simmons is my best friend come big brother. Jake used to spend hours at the house playing all kinds of games with me.

7.My mom and dad, Rose, Uncle Mickey and Jake are all the family I have, I’ve never met any of the others and I never will.

8.Rose is the strongest person I know, she’s a lot like mom, if I grow up to be half the person she is then I’ll be happy.

9.My dad is dead, kill in action.

10.My mom misses my dad more than anything, it must be hard to lose the same person twice.

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