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Those ten facts...

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Jul. 9th, 2007 | 07:24 pm
mood: crazycrazy

1, I’m the youngest of two children and my sister is twenty years older than me.

2, My sister is sort of my half sister really as we’ve not got the same father, but then in some respect we do have the same one.

3, I can break into or crack almost any computer programme around. More so now a lot of the systems here are very out of date here, and very human. We tend to use alien programmes because they are a little more complex.

4, My free time is taken up running, training, skating or on a computer listening to music.

5, I was a bridesmaid at Uncle Mickey and Uncle Jake’s civil ceremony.

6, I met my first alien when I was three, I spent hours playing snap with them.

7, Rose says I remind her some of Jack Harkness because of how I flirt and view a lot of things but Uncle Mickey and Uncle Jake said I am a lot like Rose.

8, I’m a field agent for the company I work for.

9, I’m overly ticklish.

10, I could beat most people in hand to hand combat or on a target range.

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